Dog Rescued From Horrific Hoarding Case Has Never Been Touched By A Human

This video gives you a look into the dangerous world of dog rehabilitation and shows the importance of trained professionals taking on the task of getting formerly abused and neglected dogs ready to be rehomed. Some of the situations can be very fragile, and it takes the soft touch and calming words of these heroes to get the dogs where they need to be physically and mentally. These dogs deserve a second chance in life, and it’d be nearly impossible without this kind of help.

“In a rehab facility, dogs come in that have been severely abused and sometimes, have never been touched by a human. In this video, Elsa has come in from a horrific hoarding case and has never been touched. The goal today was to get a collar and leash on her and to gain trust through canine massage. The licensed Canine Massage Therapist has to have the keen sense of reading the body language of the dog which will enable her to know exactly when to eliminate the towel barrier and touch the dog without protection. AGAIN, This is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are a professional.

“Elsa has since been rehabilitated and adopted by a family who adopted another dog a year early that was rehabilitated from the same property. Both dogs have changed dramatically and are living wonderful lives thanks to Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA and their loving adopters.”

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