Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Loves Being Part Of Her New Forever Family

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“Darling was one of the first DMT (dog meat trade) dogs that we brought from Thailand into The Barking Lot. She had been in the Buriram shelter (holding shelter for DMT dogs before being chosen to move into a rescue group) for years, awaiting her turn to make it into a forever home. In the years she was there, not once did she have the loving touch of a human.

“She did have her favorite hiding spot in a concrete tunnel where she barked at every and any passerby in hopes of keeping herself safe. We chose Darling based on a picture alone—her little crawl space, missing an eye, mid bark with a silver snout.

Nobody would’ve guessed this skittish, bashful loner would transform into the most loving, sensitive soulmate to make her way into the USA. Of course, we thought we’d have this traumatized little lady for months, maybe years, before finding a home to call her own, but she proved us all wrong.

“Darling found her family within weeks of arriving at The Barking Lot, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s her mother’s sidekick like no other, and they attended our DMT Rescue event where they had a reunion with Cristy, Darling’s rescue coordinator in Thailand.” – The Barking Lot

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