Dog Rescued from Slaughterhouse Gets Specially Designed Prosthetic Legs for Christmas

A dog called Liberty that was rescued from a Cambodian dog meat factory got a chance to go to Sterling, Virginia to be fitted with a special pair of walking limbs.  She came out of a horribly abusive and just plain terrible situation, having almost actually been killed for meat and losing her front legs in the process.

Animal Ortho Care is the team responsible for Liberty’s new legs.  They are one of the very few experts when it comes to fitting animals for prosthetics, and have been working with closely with Liberty’s rescue group, the Animal Hope and Wellness foundation, to get her back on track and ready for adoption.

It will take some time for her to learn how to use them, but almost right away she seemed to show signs of being more than capable of learning.  She’ll be able to go back home soon to California with her caretaker, and hopefully this will assist her in having a more full life.


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