Dog Rescues Cat From Drowning In Heartwarming Video

Every new year brings along another set of lofty resolutions as humankind vows to better itself. If your goals align with this pair of furry friends, you’re already off to a good start.

A woman in Turkey captured this quick video of a dog going well out of his way to save another animal in need. Despite what you may assume to be true of cats and dogs, in this case, they are lucky to have each other.

When the cat became stuck in a small pond, the caring canine came right to the rescue, saving the poor cat from drowning.

The dog manages to get himself stuck for a bit, too, but it isn’t too long before both he and his new feline friend are on dry land.

“Awww melt my heart! Animals are real friends!” Posted Twitter user Fun Szgn.

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