Dog Returned to Rescue Is Now Fighting for His Life


This plea comes from the parents of Sabre:

My name is Sabre KazDrummond, I am not quite 3 years old. I was adopted at 1 by my furparents after my previous family gave me back to the rescue saying that I was too much to handle.  (That family even put me on Prozak.)  But my furparents, Andrea Kaz and Steve Drummond would have none of that medication stuff for me!!  

Momma gave me exercise and boundaries.  She taught me how to behave like a gentleman around cats.  I had issues to work out…  separation anxiety, mouthy behavior and mange.  It took close to 6 mos for me to understand that I had to work for what I wanted and I had to behave to get treats.  Luckily, I am a smarty pants and I am SUPER food motivated.   


Momma and Poppa also like to bring me EVERYWHERE they can.  They even had me at their wedding!!  I was all dressed up and was titled, the BEST dog…  

Last fall I was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Instead of just giving up on me, like everyone else has in my past, my furparents decided, without blinking to treat my cancer with chemo and medication.  As long as I continued to have a good quality of life, they were gonna do what it required of them as doggie parents.  

Without pet insurance, my chemo and meds cost about $700/mo.  That will continue, until I can no longer fight off the cancer.  Unfortunately, bladder cancer is almost always terminal.  


Sabre happily rolling in the grass.

My vets at Veterinary Specialty Center say that I am doing really well, but my mass has grown.  The ultrasound showed that it is pushing on my kidney, it makes me feel like I have to pee, all the time.  I still have hope that I can enjoy life, like every other dog and continue to bring joy to my furparents lives.

Will you help make the financial burden a little less for my furparents??  Every dollar counts!


Sabre waiting at the vet after a chemo treatment.

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