Dog Saves Owner From Being Bitten By A Deadly Snake

Our dogs save us in their own little ways. Dogs are so brave that when their humans are in danger, they will risk their own lives to protect them. There are even dogs who literally took a bullet to save their humans.

The dog in the video below saved his owner from being bitten by a deadly Eastern Brown Snake. And FYI, most of the snakebite deaths in Australia is caused by the Eastern Brown Snake.

The dog chased the snake that slithered by the man’s feet. The dog’s actions alerted the man of the snake’s presence. He quickly got up and got his dog away from the snake. All of this was caught by the security camera. Checkout the footage below.

Wow! If it weren’t for that curious dog, the man would’ve been bitten by that snake. I’m glad that dog didn’t get bitten too!

Has your dog ever saved your life? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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