Dog Says No When Asked To Go To The Kennel

Have you ever thought that your beloved dog can be as much in love with your room as you are? Here, in this funny video, the dog hates his kennel which is his home or cage, and he speaks it out loud in the way the human beings understand. He pronounces ‘No’ when his master asks him to go to his kennel. The puppy Blaze speaks it out number of times as his master breaks into laughter. He lies down on the floor as if he is not ready to move and makes all sorts of postures, but never goes into the cage.

The amazing part of this video is how the dog speaks out a clear ‘No’. The eleven month old is quite clear about what he wants and he is clear in his actions too. Throughout the 93 secondfunny video, you will see that the owner is asking him again and again to go to his kennel and he is either saying ‘no’ or ‘Ooo’. It is amazing to see how he reacts moving his body parts in such a way that makes anyone feel that he is reluctant to go to the place that he is not comfortable into.

[youtube id=”hCRDskZrUMU”]

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