Dog Scheduled to Be Euthanized Now Being Spoiled Rotten!

This comes from Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylavania:

Remember Pacino? He was set to be euthanized the day I picked him up from a local shelter… 

Well, here is an email from the little bowling ball’s adoptive parents. 

We can NEVER get enough of these updates ♡ 

Hello Janine and all the volunteers: Photo is Bear and his Dad enjoying the patio a couple of weeks ago. Bear enjoys watching and hearing the birds! Dean and I wonder each day how we got so lucky to find such a great dog. Bear is just amazing! He has not done one bad thing. It seems as though his main goal is to make us happy! So we in turn are trying to do the same for him.

We saw Dr. Pryor yesterday for a checkup and he is doing great. He thought Bear looked terrific. All his tests came back fine. He had a full round of yearly shots and was a very good boy. He is taking monthly flea and heartworm meds. He gets his full share of treats each day. And has own container of ice cream in the freezer… does he ever love ice cream! Only a small amount, to his dismay!

He is now sleeping in our bedroom instead of the kennel at night and doing super. We are taking him for dog training next week. We have friends that have trained dogs for 30 years so he will be in good hands. Bear does pull a bit on his leash so we are hoping to resolve that. They will keep him for a week. It will be a very long week for Dean and me.

We just wanted to let you know how very thankful we are that you were there for him when he was in need. You are truly amazing as are all the volunteers and we will never be able to say thank you enough!


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