Dog Seen Calmly Playing With Kids After Cop Shoots Himself Trying To Kill Her

Stories of police shooting at dogs seem to be all too common, but this particular story played out differently. A police deputy came face-to-face with a Pit Bull but instead of shooting the dog, he shot himself in the leg. Police are saying it was in self defense, but the owner is telling a different story.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy was serving an eviction notice when he was approached by a Pit Bull after entering the home’s fenced-in yard.

Police say the dog named Precious attacked the deputy and he pulled his gun in self defense before accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

The dog’s owner, Jorge Rodriguez, told NBC4 News that Precious was only barking at the officer and that the cop got scared.

Cameras from the news crew were at the location shortly after the shooting, which took place a few years ago. The officer is recovering and doing okay and Precious will remain at her home. Because Precious wasn’t wandering loose, no further action was taken and she is staying with her family. Watch the full news report below.

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