Dog Sees Bird Trapped On The Porch, Gently Catches And Releases It

Dogs can be some of the kindest creatures to ever walk the planet and their empathy knows no bounds. When they see anyone in need of help, they stop what they are doing to assist them. They simply leap into action and worry about the consequences later.

There is a common misconception about most dogs when it comes to other animals. Many believe that they are only loyal to humans and each other. In reality, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.

A bird that had gotten trapped inside the home and was struggling to get back outside. Fortunately, the was trained to handle the situation and immediately stepped up to the plate. His “soft mouth” allowed the bird to escape without getting injured. According to his mother Jennifer, this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Over the years we’ve had several birds get trapped on the porch (the door is open during the day for the dogs). Gus is very skilled at the gentle catch and release!”

We can all stand to learn a lesson or two from this kind and gentle dog. Those who wish to see him in action are urged to check out the clip below.

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