Dog Sees Himself In The Mirror For The Very First Time – And Hilarity Ensues

Some people get a shock when they see themselves in the mirror in the morning. Other people avoid looking in the mirror altogether! Do you remember what it was like to see yourself in the mirror for the first time? My two-year-old calls the little boy he sees in the mirror “baby, ” and he just loves to stand in front of the mirror and look at the baby!
He will wave to the baby and even throw him kisses! Kane, the French Mastiff, is seeing himself in the mirror for the first time in the video below. He is not willing to say hello or throw kisses at the strange dog he sees looking back at him! Kane is a silly gentle giant though and is just protecting his family from the intruder!
Take a look at this video!

The big guy, growls and postures a little to try and intimidate his reflection! How cute and funny! Share away, people!

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