Dog Starved And Chained For 5 Years Is Rescued And Transformed

Let’s face it, there are some very horrible people in the world who have no compassion for animals at all. They abuse animals, neglect them, abandon them, and leave them to die. It makes us wonder how these people could bear seeing a poor soul suffer.

One of these poor neglected animals is Duke. Duke has been chained for 5 years. When he was rescued, he was only 9 kilos, he was left without food and water. He was such in a deplorable condition that he can barely lift the chain he was tied with. Thankfully, there are still some kindhearted people in the world. Volunteers from the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union rescued him. Watch the video below and see his amazing transformation!

Duke has made an amazing transformation from a chained dying dog to a very happy friendly dog! He looks so happy and healthy now! He finally can run and play around! He finally has the love and the life that he deserve!

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  1. monica

    Volunteers and rescued are wonderful to help animals special people are hero in my heart.It makes me mad that the owners did this I hope they put in jail for animal abuse it be great.I am happy that the dog is running and playing it is awesome and the dog have lots of love with awesome volunteers I love it.

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