Dog Still Waiting For A Rescue

Rescue needed please share!

Source: Mahoning County Dog Warden

On July 8th very early in the morning this person covered up their license plate, pulled into our parking lot and tied his dog to a pole by our vans.

We do not know the pup’s history or the reason why he was abandoned. It may have been for personal reason’s on the owner’s part or it could be that they were not equipped to handle a dog of his breed.

At first when “Blazer” came in he was leery of some of us. He would growl when some staff members passed his kennel…..and was fine when others went by.

When I first started walking him I noticed he was a really good leash walker. He just didn’t interact with me. He didn’t seek attention. As time has gone by he has warmed up to me and does request petting and attention.

Getting him back in his kennel was almost impossible at one point but he now leads me to it and goes in on his own. It was a process but it happened quicker than expected.

He does not like being alone. When the dogs are outside in individual kennels while we clean inside….he barks to come back in. He isn’t out there alone. There are 10 dogs out there at a time but he stands at the door and barks.

He is dog friendly. Loves every dog he meets and gets startled when another dog acts unfriendly to him.

He has issues with strangers and seems very unsettled when he meets new people. This is the problem we are having with him. As a staff we took precautions and took our time getting acquainted with him. For some it took days. Others it took weeks. He had a meet and greet over the weekend and went up to the one person for attention. He stood up on his back legs to be petted but possibly realized he didn’t know her in that moment and snapped at her. He made no contact. She said she had her arms around him and felt like that maybe freaked him out on a first meeting. It all happened so fast ….and he’s a dog….so we can only speculate as to why he snapped.

He looks alot like a Texas Heeler. We don’t get many Heelers here at the pound. He could be a border collie mix? Australian Cattle dog mix?

We mostly get pit bulls. So he and his behaviors are standing out amongst the crowd. We are hoping for a Rescue who would be better suited at finding him a home.

He has what we would call quirky behavior but is likely typical of his breed. He is high strung. Leery of strangers. Protective.

He has bonded with me and listens to me. I spend the most time with him. He can bond with someone else. He just needs to go slow and learn to trust.

Please email with questions or call 330-740-2205 .

He is approx 5 yrs old. Dog friendly. Cats unknown.

Please share. He is rescue only.

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