Dog Stuck in a Pipe for Almost a Week Finally Rescued

Mater is a dog that is part of the Olson family from West Virginia.  Last Friday he left the family yard for a short walk, but for whatever reason, never came home.  Naturally, his family was upset, and missing Mater very badly.  After the full weekend had past, they were beginning to fear the worse.  However, Mater was located, and had to be rescued from a pipe in the ground.

It’s assumed that Mater could have spent the better part of the week stuck in the pipe.  What’s even stranger, is a neighbor of the Olson family had actually heard a distressed sound back going on all week, but couldn’t locate its source.  The neighbors went out to search time, and time again, but never turned up anything.

Finally, someone caught what direction the sound was coming from.  They followed the noise all the way to a storm drain pipe, buried in the ground.  Wedged inside the pipe was Mater.  He had finally been found.


The volunteer fire department was called in to perform a rescue.  Along with utility company workers, they cut their way through the pipe, and dug out the concrete surrounding it.  It seemed like it took forever, but they finally did manage to get Mater out.

Surprisingly, Mater was in decent condition.  He was definitely hungry, but after he got a full medical workup from a vet clinic, he was given a clean bill of health, and was allowed to go home with his family.  The Olson’s have promised to always keep an eye on Mater, and make sure that he’s not allowed to wander freely anymore.


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