This Dog Was Stuck In A River For Weeks. Until These Heroes Did Something AMAZING To Save Him!

It is truly inspiring and amazing what people will do and the lengths that they will go to, to save an animal that is in a desperate and potentially deadly situation. What is really amazing about this video is that it happens in Los Angeles, a city that is not exactly known for being soft and easy. The people in this video just prove how wrong the general impression is of the folk that live in Los Angeles and love animals.


The rescue is really so unique and inspiring that you will have to share the video with anyone that loves animals or a real world adventure. The willingness of the people to do anything to help the dog is an honest statement about the innate compassion of many people and absolutely needs to be seen by as many people across this troubled world as possible.


Yes, the dog does get saved and everything turns out well for the dog. The way the dog finally escapes his impromptu prison is funny and stunning at the same time. Who knew that you could do this to save a stranded dog? You just have to watch the video and see the kind of quick thinking that it takes to solve a seemingly impossible task.


Really a first rate animal rescue adventure.

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