This Dog Surprised His Owners With A New Talent When They Brought Baby Home

Some dogs are naturally talented. They understand sit, stay, come, etc. at a faster pace than their doggie peers; they embrace the chance to learn new commands and are always impressing their humans with how much information they absorb.

You’re about to meet one such dog, a beagle named Charlie. When his owners were expecting a baby, they decided to train him to do things that would be helpful for the child’s life and also help Charlie feel like a meaningful member of the growing family. He can rock a crib, put a blanket on the baby, press the crosswalk button. Bonus talent: he can play the keyboard! Seriously impressive stuff, right?

But it isn’t the most amazing thing Charlie does…

When his new baby human sister was born, Charlie’s owners didn’t have to teach him how to love her or become her best friend. Charlie did that all on its own. The footage below is absolutely heartwarming. We see the pair playing, lounging and eating together. What a beautiful friendship that’s developed between the two!

Talk about a good big brother…Some people are on the fence about having a dog and a baby at the same time, but based on Charlie’s amazing ability to be both a protector and a best friend, I’d say it looks like a pretty good deal for everyone involved!

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