Dog Surprises Her Favorite UPS Driver By Dressing Like Him For Halloween

A kindly UPS driver named Paul always makes sure to keep his truck stocked with dog treats just in case that day’s route calls for a stop at his friend Lucy’s house.

In honor of Halloween, Lucy’s owner, Stephanie Heer decided to surprise Paul by dressing the 10-year-old Pit Bull mix in her own mini-UPS costume!

Lucy has adored Paul ever since they first met five years ago – so much so that Heer orders packages as often as possible so they can see one another.

“They just have a really special bond. Our UPS driver loves dogs and he always gravitated towards Lucy,” Heer told “Every time Lucy sees his truck she will sprint over and run inside it. She will wag her tail and gets so excited.”

Heer planned on purchasing the adorable UPS costume for Lucy last year, but it was sold out. This year, however, it was back in stock and a perfect fit for the senior cutie!

“Paul was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe how cute it looked on her,” she said.

It turns out Heer wasn’t the only dog parent to plan a cute surprise for their pup’s favorite delivery driver. Several other adorable photos appear on the UPS Dogs Facebook page.

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