Dog Swims 6 Miles After Falling Overboard, Walks Another 12 To Reunite With Her Family

Edward, Kristin, and their dog Rylee went on a boating vacation in Michigan. Rylee is a 10-month old Belgian Malinois. Soon after the boat got underway, they ran into electrical trouble. Kristin was in the boat’s cabin while Ed was trying to figure things out. The couple soon realized that Rylle wasn’t on the boat.

They called for help. The Lost Dog Search Team sprang into action. They use social media to get the word out about lost dogs. In a short time, over 20,000 people were on the lookout for Rylee. Ed and Kristin searched for hours but couldn’t find Rylee. Someone spotted a dog that matched Rylee’s description near a campground. Watch Rylee’s story below!

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