Dog Takes Bullet for Human, Ends up Homeless

“Kiko responds to touch rather than sound, and like most dogs enjoys a good back scratch,” Haynes said.  “He is a more reserved dog than some of our others, which causes him to get overlooked frequently at adoption drives.  But when he bonds with a volunteer and leans his head in for pets and scratches, it is the most endearing thing in the world.”


Kiko is 14 years old now, and would do best in a home where he was the only dog, and would most likely do better in home without children.  His advanced age means a fist floor home would be best for him, and a home visit is a requirement for adoption with Mighty Mutts, so the ideal home for him would be no more than tow to three hours outside of New York City.

If you, or someone you know is interested in more information on Kiko, you can visit the Mighty Mutts webpage by clicking here.

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