Dog Takes Cat Friend On Snowy Sleigh Ride In This Heartwarming Video

It doesn’t matter what species you are, when you’ve found a true friend, it just feels right.

Just look at his Golden Retriever and her stylish feline companion.

In a tweet from Humor and Animals, the pair can be seen enjoying the winter weather as the Golden takes the sweater-clad cat for a sleigh ride through the fresh snow. They both seem to be enjoying it, too. While the cat takes in the serene scenery, you can see the perky pup’s tail wag with enthusiasm.

Humor and Animals shared the video on Christmas Eve, an early gift for anyone who needs a smile to end up their 2020. With more than 14,000 retweets so far, we can be sure this video is bound to generate more than a few smiles in 2021, too.

Here’s how the rest of the Twittosphere is reacting:

“That cat is loving it and the doggie is so proud. LOL Golden Retrievers are something else!” commented @cmac324.

“Nothing Like It, When U Witness InterSpecies Play. All Animals Play, Which I Find Amazing. Means They Know What “FUN” Is,” wrote @ConstanceJackso.

“love it! I love peeps who do silly things like this with their animals. Thanks for sharing. Made my day,” commented @toreewarfield.

“That’s a Golden for you. Always happy having something in their mouth. Gotta love’em ,” wrote @LindajoB.

“You do realise that cat will expect to be dragged everywhere from now on? Snow or no snow?” asked @BigAl555.

“OMGOSH!! Never have i ever seen such a VERY VERY CUTE PAIR OF BEST FRIENDS,” wrote @Chris62838555. “I must say this this is once in a life time. Thank you 4 sharing your video. I really enjoyed it VERY MUCH.”

Watch this snowy sleigh ride for yourself in the video below.

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