Dog That Had Been Used for Fighting Wanders Into Home, Learns About Love

One Sunday morning, “Chance” walked into my home. We had left the back door open so our pit could get out to go to the bathroom. We called animal control, and they said he would be destroyed if not claimed in 72 hours. Police told me to let him go. ASPCA also said he would be destroyed if not claimed.

We call him “Chance” because he was loaded with fleas and heart worms, his skin was irritated, he had three broken teeth, and he weighed 78 pounds.

Chance was treated for heart worms, given antibiotics for his skin and a cream, and he was given all his shots. As for the nose bleeds, the vet says he was used as a fighting dog. This little boy doesn’t have a mean bone in him. He’s sweet and doesn’t bark; he just wants to be loved.

I found his owner, and he didn’t want him back. So sad, but great news for me because he stole my heart and my husband’s. He gets along great with my pit bull, like they’ve been raised together, and my 15 rescue cats just love torturing him.

On November 6th, it will be a year since he walked into my home. This big guy is now 100 pounds and a beautiful soul. He’s the love of my life.

Story submitted by Barbara Niosi from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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