Dog to the Rescue: Dog Saves Woman from Getting Robbed

Dogs are lovely creatures; they’re compassionate, empathetic, and downright adorable. But dogs aren’t just adorable friends that roll around to make us happy, sometimes dogs can do some pretty brave and heroic things; this is one of those instances.

Back in 2017, a video from Montenegro went viral. Here we see a woman minding her own business, being followed by a man in a yellow hoodie.

Shortly after, the man tackles her in an attempt to steal her belongings. Now, this would have just been another robbery in the city if it wasn’t for the heroic actions of one dog. This brave pup would begin chasing the attacker away and saving the woman from a mugging.

But there’s a little bit more to this story. Meet Medo.

According to an article from the Dodo Medo was a beloved stray dog around his neighborhood, often seen as a pleasant company on the streets. The video in question was recorded through a neighbor’s security camera, showing how Medo bravely fought off an attacker.

During the time when this video was all over social media Medo started getting hailed as a hero. According to Vladan Pavicevic, the person who caught the event on video, Medo had never shown any signs of aggression to anyone before so this was definitely a surprise.

Medo isn’t a pet, he’s a stray dog on the streets, but despite this, the neighborhood considers him as part of their collective family. Many of them are happy to have Medo and some even offer him a place to stay while others are always around to feed him and take care of him. Stray or not, this brave and compassionate dog has a home in the hearts of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, this should be a lesson to all of us that all dogs are precious regardless of whether or not they have forever homes.

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