Dog Trapped In House Filled To The Brim With Trash Finally Rescued After Good Samaritan Steps In

It is heartbreaking to hear stories about animals trapped in situations they cannot break free from.

Ziggy the dog was stuck inside a home, trapped in the basement because of all the piled-up garbage. The poor dog couldn’t exactly call for help. A Good Samaritan then stepped in to save the dog.

Thankfully, the Michigan Humane Society was able to rescue Ziggy. They combed through the garbage and brought Ziggy in to get him the medical care he needed.

It’s not clear whether Ziggy once lived in the now-vacant home with his owner or wandered in there on his own. He was there long enough to become so matted and dirty, they needed to remove lumps of his fur. Ziggy’s backstory clearly is full of neglect of some form.

Their quick action helped save Ziggy’s life. Now he looks like a puppy again after all the love and care he has received!

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