Dog Tries to Mark Fire Hydrant but Gets Marked Instead

Louie, a seven-month-old Shih Tzu, from Springdale, Canada, was out on a walk with his owner and wanted to do what every dog does, mark his territory, however, the one that got marked was the dog and not my another dog, but by a fire hydrant.


Louie saw a bright red fire hydrant on his walk and went near it to mark it, but little did the pet know the fire hydrant had been recently painted. As the dog brushed against it to leave his mark, the fire hydrant returned the favor and marked the dog too with its bright red paint.

The dog’s owner washed his pet a few times, but he was unable to remove all the paint, now the Shih Tzu is pink and black instead of his original black and white coloring.

The city apologized to Puneet (dog owner) and Louie for not identifying the hydrant with a “fresh paint” sign. Fortunately, the dog is expected to return to his original fur color with a few more washes and a fresh hair cut.

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