Dog Unexpectedly Joins Marathon Runners And Helps Raise $40,000 For Cancer Survivors

Anyone who has ever trained for and participated in a race of any kind knows how every bit of encouragement goes a long way in keeping you motivated to reach the finish line. A few years ago, the Maryland Half Marathon runners received arguably the best motivation – an energetic cheerleader in the form of a happy local dog.

You’re about to meet a dog named Dozer, who lived with his owner in a house directly on the race route. When the curious pup saw swarms of runners racing past his home at around mile 5, his instinct wasn’t to bark defensively or retreat, but join in! The Golden-Doodle’s friendly demeanor and comradery with his new human friends made him an ideal running partner. Race participants recall smiling upon discovering Dozer next to them, and noted how strong of a runner he is, and how encouraging his presence was during the race.

The Half Marathon raised funds for a local cancer center, and upon hearing Dozer’s story, race organizers put together a fundraising page on his behalf. Soon, Dozer’s online presence had earned the center over $40,000 in donations.

Watch Dozer in action below!
How cute is that energetic little man? What’s the longest distance your dog has ever run?

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