Dog Vs. Tater Tot…AKA The Funniest Battle You’ve Ever Seen

Dogs are as sneaky as they are cute…which often means they can get away with a lot! Though every pup has his or her own unique personality and preferences, there does tend to be a universal vice among them: food! Specifically, treats they’ve been told they can’t have, or food that’s out of reach.

Some dogs are bolder than others, of course, going to great lengths to see that their coveted snacks arrive safely in their bellies! Argus, the dog you’re about to meet in the video below, is as determined as the best of them. He wastes no time devising a naughty plan to retrieve a rogue tatertot left over from his owner’s breakfast…starting his mission before his human even leaves the room!

Will this adorable little sneak accomplish his goal? Watch the clip below to find out!

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