Dog Waited At The Shelter For So Long Her Face Turned White

The longer Pirate sat at the shelter, the harder it was going to be for her to find a forever home. Most people just don’t want to adopt senior dogs because they think it’ll require more work, and they’re worried about what little time they may have left. But this couple is here to tell everyone just what a rewarding experience adopting an older dog has been for them. 🙂

Pirate’s face turned white during her stay at the shelter she was there for so long. But when Jennifer Hoyt saw that sweet face while browsing the Oahu SPCA website, she knew Pirate was the one. The shelter couldn’t believe some was inquiring about the senior dog. And when the military couple finally settled into their Hawaii house, they were able to bring Pirate home — and that’s when she really came to life!

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