Dog waited even after her home burned down and her family left

In a heartbreaking photo of an injured dog posted on Thursday, standing amid the rubble of a burned down home, who waited for her family to come back for her, the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue tells her story; a dog who survived hell.

“My gosh, her home burned … her people moved. And still she stayed! Waiting. Hoping on a memory that her family (her person, her care taker) was coming for her,” the organization posted on their social media page.

It had been a neighbor who called the shelter and reported seeing a dog with burns on her body, wandering the streets and living around the remains of a burned down home. She was found standing in the rubble – she was shivering in the cold, starving, freezing and trying her best to cope with the loneliness.

“We believe she has mange. We are unsure if any of the skin issues are from a fire,” the post continued.

The good news, however is this dog will no longer have to dig “for food in trash cans. Hellsa, emaciated female pit bull. SHE SURVIVED HELL, SHE NEEDS OUR HELP.”

An investigation is currently underway. Updates to follow.

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