This Dog Waits On This Porch Every Single Afternoon No Matter What….At :25, You’ll Get Why.

The bond that develops between kids and their dogs is so sweet to witness. For both parties, it can really feel like they grow up together, and a beautiful sibling relationship often develops. That’s definitely the case in this heartwarming video, where we meet Nala, a sweet dog who patiently waits for her human brother, Russell, to come home from school every single day.

She sits on the porch calmly until Russell’s bus pulls up to the driveway, then…it’s Tail Way-City. Watching the two embrace at the end of the driveway almost brought a tear to my eye. It’s clear how close the pair is…and how much Russell’s return each day absolutely makes Nala’s day.

Lots of kids complain about not liking school, but we have a feeling Russell doesn’t mind it, as long as returning home each afternoon means being reunited with his furry best friend and sister.

So sweet! Are your dogs and kids best friends like this? Do they have a cute daily ritual? Share below!

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