Dog Wakes Owners And Saves Baby

“Who rescued who?” — It’s a popular phrase among those who rescued and adopted dogs. It’s because those who have rescued dogs realized that when they saved the dog’s life, the dog returns the favor by rescuing them each and every day of their life. The dogs rescue them from sadness, from depression, or from whatever troubles they’re going through. In their own way, the dogs rescue and save their owners. And once in a while, we hear amazing news of a rescued dog literally saving their owner’s life, and/or the life of their loved one.

The video below is one of those amazing stories. The dog’s name is Duke. One night, Duke jumped on his owner’s bed and started shaking uncontrollably that he woke them up. Duke is a very obedient dog, so his owners knew something was wrong when Duke didn’t listen to them when they tried to stop him from jumping and shaking the bed. Sure enough, something was horribly wrong, and Duke was trying to alert them. When they checked on the baby, they found out she wasn’t breathing. Watch the video below for the full story!

If it wasn’t for Duke, baby Harper would’ve lost her life. The family is so thankful to have Duke in their lives. They rescued him and he returned the favor many times over!

Great job, Duke! You are indeed a hero!

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