Dog Walks Over To Other Dogs In Daycare And Starts Petting Them

Doggie daycare centers can be one of the most happening places for our bubbly furry companions. From fun games to enriching hangouts with other doggie mates, it’s the ultimate social dream for any dog. The video below has been shared by The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario, and it adorably documents the adventures of their quirkiest pooch, Ruby!

Ruby is a German short-haired Pointer who regularly visits the daycare with her brother, Miles. While Miles likes to keep to himself, Ruby is one enthusiastic social butterfly. The employees are amused to see how she never really keeps her paws to herself, and is always busy “petting” and “stroking” other dogs throughout her stay!

Pawing at humans or other dogs is believed to be a subtle gesture for dogs to gain attention or initiate playtime, but this simple act has a wholly different meaning for Ruby. Initially, she would just pet Miles as a way to look out for him. But soon, she began approaching other dogs in the center and literally drowned them in comforting scratches on their heads and backs!

At first, the other dogs were bewildered by Ruby’s penchant for petting them. But over time, they just got used to her persistent pampering ritual! Now, none of the dogs really mind it and they happily “let it happen”. It’s hardly a surprise that Ruby is one of the most popular dogs at the daycare. We love a dog who brings joy and happiness to the lives of humans and pets alike!

Click the video below to watch Ruby’s unusually sweet greeting to her daycare mates!

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