Dog Wanders Around Neighborhood For Days Searching For His Family

Recently, residents of a Southern California neighborhood were alarmed to notice a large dog continuously circling a nearby highway and some surrounding streets. Recognizing that the dog was not just a stray, they reached out to Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue.

The dog’s behavior indicated he had been abandoned in the area. “He would circle the same three streets over and over again, and that’s what they do when they’ve been dumped — they stay in the area where they were left,” Hall explained.

The dog skillfully eluded rescue attempts, often retreating down adjacent streets or towards the highway, causing traffic to halt. Hall arrived on the scene and chose a different strategy. She decided to observe the dog from a distance, identifying his hiding spots and routines, which would help her determine the best location to place a humane trap.

Watching the dog roaming the neighborhood, scavenging for food and drinking gutter water, Hall’s heart ached for the dog’s plight. She identified his sleeping spot and set up the trap there with enticing treats. Despite the dog’s hunger, he cautiously sniffed the food and walked away, leaving Hall disappointed.

For their next attempt, the rescuers relocated the trap to another yard. In the quiet of the night, they lured the dog with bits of hot dog and hid, allowing him to approach the trap undisturbed. This time, the plan worked, and the dog, who Hall later named Vader, was finally safe.

On their way to the vet, Hall was relieved to see Vader sleeping soundly in the back of her car. “He fell asleep like there was no tomorrow. He hadn’t had any sleep that whole week,” Hall shared. “That’s my favorite part: when they close both eyes because they’re safe.”

Initially hesitant at Camino Pet Hospital, Vader warmed up to the staff who showered him with affection. After receiving a clean bill of health, Vader was allowed to rest at the clinic for a couple of nights. Then, he was moved to a foster home with a trainer, where he began to thrive amidst other dogs.

Vader’s life took a positive turn as he started to enjoy walks, playtime, and especially cuddling with his new-found pack. He adores snuggling up with anyone available, including a new puppy that just arrived at the foster home.

While Vader is still waiting to find his forever home, he is enjoying his life to the fullest, thanks to Hall and her team’s dedicated efforts. As Hall puts it, “He’s a total miracle.”

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