Dog Wants Adopted So Badly, She Dances Every Time She Sees Someone

Shelter dogs have a difficult life and many of them are never able to make it out of their makeshift prisons. For a shelter dog, the prospect of finally being adopted by a loving family who will love and care for them is all that keeps them going. But what happens when a dog starts to lose the faith? What happens when they no longer have the strength to keep going?


While many dogs would eventually give up and give in to the reality of their circumstances, Ginger Rogers is a dog who defied the odds. She remained chipper, cheerful and happy, even in situations that would destroy the spirit of most animals. Spending day after day cooped up in a shelter with other dogs usually leads to despondence and even aggression.

Ginger, on the other hand? She turned her pain and sadness into a hilarious dance routine, a dance routine that you will need to see for yourself in order to truly believe. Whenever someone would walk past her cage, she would stand up on her hind legs and give them a cute little boogie.

After all, who could possibly resist the temptation of bringing home your very own dancing pet? We cannot imagine heading to a shelter in search of a new dog and leaving without the one who put on a dance show, but Ginger continued to remain in her cage.

Just try not to fall into hysterics watching her shimmy back and forth. Videos like these prove that shelter animals are much smarter than they are given credit for, that they are able to find the humor in difficult circumstances. Ginger maintained a strong sense of perseverance, even in one of the most challenging environments that a living creature can be placed in.

Stories like these do not always come with happy endings, but fortunately for Ginger, the good people at Orange County Animal Services were finally able to provide her with a home. We are certainly jealous of the family who will get treated to free dancing routines for the rest of her life and we are happy to see that someone took a chance on a great dog with a unique spirit.

If this clip made you laugh as hard as we did, be sure to share it with your closest friends and family. Awareness needs to be raised about shelter dogs like Ginger, so take a moment to post this video on all of your preferred social media hubs as well.

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