This Dog Wants A Kitten And You Won’t Believe How He Asks For it!

This is a story of a funny and handsome dog which asked for a kitten. The dog voice has been personified here in this and its every action is given a meaning in the video. The video actually wants to say that every pet wants a pal and it can be quite enthusiastic to ask for it. In this video you will see a black dog and its master talking about the topic of getting something from the market. Whenever, its master says kitten, it jumps and says that it is all that it wants.

The video is a nice one and it shows how interested the dog is to get its friend. At some point of time in the video you will hear the sound of a kitten and you will have to see the reaction of the dog towards it. The dog is over excited and it is ready to go to meet its new friend. The video runs for 1 minute 35 seconds and it is enough to show the inquisitiveness of the dog. It is quite determined about what it wants and the video has been given a funny touch with the voices that are incorporated in it.
[youtube id=”kI4yoXyb1_M”]

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