Dog Was Trapped In Barn For 6-Years, Given An Astounding Makeover And A Brand New Life

When animal rescue workers were asked to help out a dog whose owner was terminally ill, they did not hesitate to come out to see the animal. However, they were shocked at what they discovered.

Lazarus the dog was trapped inside a barn stall for six years. So much dirt and feces blocked the door from opening, that rescuers had to shovel it away.

Once inside the stall, they discovered the horrible condition that the dog was in. Covered in filth, Lazarus’ coat was extremely overgrown and made it difficult for the animal to move.

Lazarus was immediately taken to the groomers for a much-needed bath and haircut. At first, the dog was hesitant to let the handlers shave his fur. However, he quickly realized the relief it would bring.

Around 35 pounds of fur was removed, and it was as if Lazarus was a new animal. Unfortunately, the dog was having trouble mentally processing that he was free. Jessica Kincheloe, the groomer who rescued Lazarus, explained that he was very unsure of everyone.

They offered him treats and he quickly warmed up to everyone. He was ok with human touch, but it was clear that he wasn’t familiar with it. It could’ve been years since he felt a kind, loving touch.

Lazarus stayed at the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue where he was well-taken care of until he was ready to be adopted. Initially, Lazarus couldn’t even walk, but with the right care and training, he took his first steps.

It didn’t take long for this pup to find a loving home. His new family celebrated his eighth birthday and showered him with all the love he deserved. Looking at him now, you would never know that he was once suffering from 35 pounds of filth on him. Now he has a beautiful coat of fur and a nice family to care for him!

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