Dog Welcomes His Dad Home, And Immediately Asks For A Gift!

We absolutely love how our dogs welcome us home. Isn’t it nice to know that someone misses us and is glad to see us? Yep, we delight in the thought that someone loves us so much that they are sad when we are away, and they are happy when we come back.

This adorable Golden Retriever named Kopi is happy to see that his dad is home. His dad went away for a short trip for his birthday. And just like any loving dog would do, Kopi gave the most loving welcome home greeting to his daddy. But right after he greeted his dad at the door, as soon as his dad’s bags were on the floor, Kopi immediately searched the bag for a gift! Check out the video below!

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  1. monica

    That is so sweet dad bring her a gift I love it.She is sweet and adorable and I like when she look in the bag it warm my heart.

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