Dog Who Was ‘Too Big’ To Find A Home Finds Family Who Loves Him Just As He Is

For years, Basher worried that he would never find a family. The mastiff, who stands at 6 feet tall, is 132 pounds of love. But unfortunately, many people couldn’t see past his enormous size.

When he arrived at RSPCA Cornwall in 2021 as a transfer from another shelter, rescuers were intent on finding the gentle giant a permanent home.

It was clear to rescue staff that Basher wasn’t scary. In fact, he was a big softy.

“Basher is so gentle-hearted and goofy,” RSPCA Cornwall staff member Sammy Howard told The Dodo. “People would probably see him and think that he is big and scary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.”

Soon after arriving, Basher thought he had found a family. Sadly, this first family returned him to the shelter after only a few days. Regardless, rescue staff were undeterred. They knew Basher would find a forever home soon. In the meantime, they made sure the big, friendly boy got to enjoy all his favorite activities.

“Basher loved going for gentle walks down the lane to visit the cows — we think he thought he was one of them,” Howard said. “He was an expert snoozer and would spend lots of time in his bed, soaking up rays on a sunny day and nodding off. When he wasn’t sleeping, though, he would be very nosey, peeking out of his kennel to see what we were all doing.”

Every day it became a bit harder for rescue staff to watch Basher be ignored.

“It’s always heartbreaking to see the amount of animals waiting in rescue shelters, but Basher was especially difficult because we all had such a strong attachment to him and we just wanted the best for him,” Howard said. “As the months went on, though, we never lost hope that there was someone out there for him.”

Finally, 448 days after he arrived, Basher found his perfect fit, and the RSPCA Cornwall staff were overjoyed.

“The feeling was indescribable,” Howard said. “The team that worked closest with him were in tears when he left.”

Basher is already doing amazingly in his new home, where his family has taken extra care to make sure he’s comfortable and supported.

Though Basher once worried he was too big to have a place to call his own, he can now rest easy knowing that, to his new family, he’s just the right size.

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