Dog who’s been chained up for 8 years is about to be petted for the first time

Bron had spent his entire life chained up on a farm in Spain. He was discovered by Animal Rescue España who couldn’t believe the number of untreated injuries as a result of the severe neglect. For eight years, this was all he knew.

Here he is about to be petted for what is most likely the very first time in his life. What a moment.

Primeras caricias de un perro maltratado.

Primeras caricias de un perro maltratado.Se cumple 1 año de la llegada de Bron Después de muchos años como perro guarda, atado con una cadena de castigo cuyos pinchos tenía ya incrustados en el cuello, iba a ser sacrificado. Así que decidimos salvarle y desde entonces se encuentra en tratamiento para sus miedos. Su corazón tiene muchas cicatrices difíciles de borrar. NO PODEMOS HACERLO SIN TI.. AYÚDANOS A SALVAR VIDAS!!!.ES53 2038 1703 8460 0042 3053 (Bankia)Titular: Animal Rescue EspañaPaypal:► Por tan solo 1€ al mes puedes hacerte Teaming:► A partir de 6€ al mes puedes hacerte socio:► A partir de 10€ al mes puedes apadrinar: para adopción: adoptaare@gmail.comSíguenos en

Posted by Animal Rescue España on Thursday, May 18, 2017

“After many years as a dog guard, tied with a chain of punishment whose spikes had already embedded in his neck, he was to be sacrificed. So we decided to save him and since then he’s in treatment for his fears,” Animal Rescue España said on their Facebook page. “His heart has many hard scars to erase.”

He’s available to be adopted, but you can help out even if you aren’t in Spain. Visit the Animal Rescue España website to make a donation.

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