Dog Whose Legs Were Sliced Off For Chewing Shoes Gets New Prosthetics & Lease On Life

If you think animal abuse in America is bad, imagine how commonplace it is in countries with little to no animal rights laws or consequences.

Cola, a pup from Thailand, endured a nightmare when he was only nine months old. He chewed a pair of his neighbor’s shoes (as puppies do). Although his owner offered the neighbor money to reimburse him for the damage, the man came back with a sword and attacked the dog, slicing off his two front legs. (As for the attacker’s punishment? “The man was issued one month’s detention for the crime,” reports ABC News.)

The pup began to bleed out from the two gaping wounds, and barely alive, was taken to a clinic. He was then transported to a larger vet in Bangkok, where they were able to help him recover.

Lucky for Cola, he was eventually taken into the care of a Thailand-based rescue called Soi Dog Foundation, who outfitted the now-one-year-old dog (presumed to be a German Shepherd) with a new pair of legs! A video of Cola’s fitting went viral, and it’s easy to see why: rescue workers can barely get the prosthetics onto this sweet boy without receiving a face full of kisses!

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