Dog With ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears Rescued As Part Of An Abandoned Litter

A 5-week-old litter of puppies was abandoned and brought to a public shelter. And when Jen Deane, president of Pit Sisters Dog Rescue, heard about them, she didn’t hesitate to rescue the pups.

She picked them up and took them to the vet to be treated for worms, but they were healthy otherwise. The tan puppies all looked alike, but one pup stood out from the rest with “cinnamon roll” ears! Jen had never seen anything like it and named her Cinnamon, of course!

Cinnamon’s picture went viral on social media and people from all over fell in love with her unique ears. She was quickly adopted and renamed Kira, and as expected, her ears have uncurled and grew out. But she’s just as adorable as ever in our eyes!

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