Dog with Llama Neck Who was Rescued from a Hoarders House Finds Happiness in New Forever Home

“She was brought in with 26 other dogs as part of a hoarding case. They were neglected and mistreated, and Badger has several injuries from abuse,” said Rachel Clemmer. “Her tiny ears are as a result of stunted growth from a head injury, she has four BBs embedded in her body and she will eventually need a hip replacement—likely from being kicked.”

A tragic life for Badger, who upon last year’s rescue was adopted by Rachel and her partner Nathalie.

Rachel went on to relate that Badger was very scared and reserved during her first weeks in her new home. They had to wash her throughly due to the grime that had stuck hard to her coat and that was when the couple also found out how extreme stress caused Badger to lose hair on some spots.

They did not notice then that their new pet has a llama neck since it was retracted at that time, perhaps due to fear and anxiety because her tail was also down.

But Badger soon recovered from her painful past, and her funny character started to shine through.

“We’re happy to report she is now well-nourished and loved,” said Rachel. “[She] has a healthy shiny coat, and is receiving monthly injections for her hip. She quickly warmed up to us and took to her canine older brother Traveler, and is now the happiest dog we know.”

Rachel also described their new family member as always curious, fond of making friends and howling along to music, and jumping in delight when it’s time for dinner.

And now, Badger is a celebrity after Rachel posted her photos on Reddit with the following caption: “This is my dog Badger, she has a llama neck.”

More than 26,000 Reddit users have upvoted the post.

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