Dog With Separation Anxiety Patiently Waits For His Owner All Day, Often Until Nightfall

Having pets is a blessing. They are always there for you, they love you unconditionally and they are just adorable. Oftentimes, just like a human, dogs can have certain mental issues. Like separation anxiety. These dogs will want to be with you 24/7 and if you leave, they will become very sad and upset, from howling to scratching to chewing things up. Dogs with separation anxiety will do anything to get you back home.

That’s exactly what this adorable pupper from Peru does. His name is Toby and he hates being left alone. Specifically when his ‘dad’ leaves the house. Toby sits on the balcony all day, oftentimes until nightfall, just staring into the distance, letting out a heartbreaking howl once in a while. He waits for his owner to come back and when he does, happiness and a lot of love follow.

Meet Toby, the adorable puppy with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is quite a difficult thing to deal with in dogs. It’s very difficult to leave them alone because they are very attached to you and don’t want to be without you ever. So when you leave dogs with separation anxiety alone, they might do things like howl, chew, and scratch. So your favorite pair of shoes can be no more.

When Toby’s owner leaves, the pupper becomes very sad and spends his day on the balcony

It’s more dangerous when dogs try to escape after their owners leave. If you live in an apartment, your door will probably be in shambles. If you live in a house and leave your dog outside, then they might dig a hole through the fence and run away. It’s very important to make sure your dog is in a safe and contained environment when you leave them, because they might hurt themselves in their want to escape.

He waits patiently, letting out a sad scream once in a while

Even though he’s technically never alone—he has his brother and other family members that stay with him

Toby still needs his ‘dad.’ He stares at the street where he knows his owner comes back from

If you have a dog with anxiety, there are many things to try. If you want to read more about it, click here. Some common things to do would be to wait a while when you return and not give your dog attention until they come down from the excitement of you coming back home. Also, leave them lots of toys, especially chew toys, to play with. If they are food-oriented, they will have something to do for a while.

Often Toby sits like that until nightfall, waiting for his owner to come back

When he finally comes home, Toby goes to sleep being calm and feeling safe with his owner nearby

In Toby’s case, it’s not that serious, since he’s technically never alone and always has someone watching over him. Also, he sits very patiently, waiting for his owner to return. He howls sometimes, but never tries to escape, scratch, bite, or anything else destructive. He’s a very calm boy who just loves his master very much.

Toby is a really happy and friendly dog, when he isn’t left alone

The owner takes him almost everywhere, but sadly, you can’t take your dog with you every single time

Toby loves running around the fields, snuggling with his family and just being loved

Toby and his brother love the beach. They play together all the time

The owner really loves Toby and gives him all the love, care and affection he deserves

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