Doggy Adventure In St. Pete: Trio Of German Shepherds Leap Into Woman’s Car

In St. Petersburg, Florida, in an unusual turn of events, a woman found herself the victim of a rather adorable carjacking – by three German Shepherds.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was dropping her son off at daycare. While the car door was momentarily open, the playful pups seized the opportunity and hopped into the unlocked vehicle.

Unfamiliar with the intricacies of operating a car, the canine crew remained firmly planted inside, refusing to budge. The bewildered woman, understandably concerned, contacted the authorities.

Responding to the call, officers from the St. Petersburg Police Department arrived on the scene. With gentle persuasion and perhaps a few dog treats, they successfully coaxed the furry car thieves out of the vehicle.

The story, shared by the police department on their Facebook page, quickly went viral, garnering amusement and “awws” from the community. The post, titled “These pups sure know how to make an entrance!”, also served as a reminder to pet owners to ensure their animals are properly secured to prevent unintended adventures.

Let’s Roll

All it took was an open car door for these 3 adorable German shepherds to jump into a stranger’s car on Kingston Street South today and wouldn’t get out.

Understandably, the woman driver wasn’t too pleased! So our officers stepped in, coaxed the dogs out of the vehicle, and gave them a lift to Pinellas Animal Urgent Care until the owner was located and took them home.

Some dogs will do anything for a car ride!

Facebook St Pete PD

While the incident caused a momentary inconvenience for the woman, thankfully, no harm came to anyone involved. The playful pups, after their brief joyride, were transported to Pinellas Animal Urgent Care until their rightful owner was located.

The story highlights the unexpected and sometimes humorous situations that can arise with our furry companions, serving as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the ever-present potential for canine mischief.

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