Dogs Afraid Of People, That Have Never Known A Gentle Touch, Are About To Be Saved

When rescuers arrived to save the lives of 50 dogs, many cowered in the back of their cages afraid of humans. However, that is all about to change. Their new lives will be filled with love and gentle hands in their forever homes.

For the first time, these dogs will have a nutritious meal and a soft bed to sleep on. The cramped metal cages with no protection from the weather, will be a distant memory. Human Society International is on the ground of this dog meat farm in South Korea preparing the dogs for their flight to loving homes.

HSI team arrived at the farm to start the process of rescuing the dogs. Some of the dogs wagged their tails in excitement as they knew they were safe. Others, like Caroline, were terrified of humans. Caroline, a beautiful red dog, cowered in the back of her filthy wire cage. She was used as a breeding dog on the farm and has never known a gentle touch. Her sad eyes told a story of her hard past, but that is all about to change.

Caroline will finally realize that humans can be gentle and loving. Her days of being used for breeding are over. Soon she will join the other dogs in a flight to Canada where Emergency Placement Partner shelters in Canada will find each a loving home.

When the dogs arrive in Canada they will be examined and treated for any medical issues. Each will receive a warm bath and groomed – for the first time. All will be transformed in spirit and looks. Then the dogs will be listed for adoption and ready for their loving forever homes.

More and more people are coming together to close these inhumane farms. Thanks to people like you who sign petitions and support organizations like HSI, more dog meat farms are being shut-down. This is the 12th dog meat farm to be closed by HSI. Together we can make a difference.

Watch as a rescuer tries to touch Caroline for the first time. You will see the heartbreaking conditions she was forced to live in.

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