Dogs Doing… Whatever In The World It Is They’re Doing

Our dogs are some silly goofballs, and no one knows exactly why they do some of the things that they do. I guess they just love life and constantly try to live it to the fullest! And isn’t that the right approach? 😉

“One must become the squirrel.”

“The creation of… something”

“Everyday is a new weird thing with her”

“Why do chihuahuas always look like they are up to something shady”

“This is my Boofhead. This is how she stands, all the time.”

This superpup!

“After 3 hours at the dog park”

This good boy has seen some things…

Getting that beautyrest.

“When you tell the one with no concept of personal space to sit.”

“It’s his first fall and I guess he’s excited about the leaves.”

“Sleeping Beauty”


“This is how my dog likes to sit.”

“Neighbor doggo stuck again”

“Shoe box dog is done.”

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