What If Dogs Dressed According To Their Personality

Dogs are like humans, each one has its own unique personality. In many ways, they’re just like us, and it’s this uniqueness that I capture with my illustrations.

When it comes to fashion you are what you wear, and it’s this idea that brings my illustrations to life.

Ryu, His Mum Thinks He’s Like A Prep School Boy

Mia, Her Mum Imagines Her Scootering Around In Town, Just Like Audrey Hepburn In “Roman Holiday”

Arthur, Although He’s A Country Gentleman But He Hates Rain And Cold Weather

Barckley Is Quite A Fancy Dude During The Week, But On The Weekends He Lets His Hair Down On His Dad’s Harley Davidson

Charlie Is Happiest When He’s Catching Tennis Balls

Monkey Is A Cute Nerdy Daddy’s Girl

Rufus, He Is Extremely Chilled, Relaxed And Super Cool. He’s Just Like Ryan Gosling But With Afro Hair

Max Is Like The Lord Of The Manor. So I Made Sure His Jacket Was Clean And Well Pressed

Charlotte, She Loves To Chase Butterflies And The Flower Crown Will Attract More Butterflies For Her To Chase

Sage, If She Was A Celebrity, She Would Be Meryl Streep Or Diane Keaton

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