Dogs dumped together at park by owner where coyotes often roam

At the Victoria Park near Los Angeles, a pair of bonded dogs had been abandoned on Saturday. A social media post caught the attention of rescuer Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29 who answered the plea for assistance.

The two dogs had been tied to a fence where coyotes have been spotted roaming the area searching for easy prey. Fortunately the park staff had noticed the dogs tied to the fence and moved them to a safe part of the park. It wasn’t long before volunteers from Logan’s Legacy 29 stepped in and brought the dogs to safety.

It had been some clever detective work by rescuers who pieced this very sad story of these two dogs who had been dumped by their owner. No doubt their hearts had been broken, however both dogs appeared healthy and well groomed. What happened?

the owner posted asking peoples help in rehoming the two and she didn’t have any luck nor any rescue that offered help. She said the shelter refused to take the dogs, but she chose a place where she knows that people will see and noticed them…

According to the previous owner’s social media page, she alluded to not being able to neuter the dogs – whether not being able to afford the surgeries or not having the patience to keep the dogs separated while in heat, remains unclear.

Tragically, it was the dogs, Marley and Maddox, who were the real victims. One can only imagine the confusion and sadness they must have felt having been left alone and watching and waiting for their owner to return? It’s as if their owner tossed them away as if they were an extra piece of furniture that no longer fit in the home.

But here’s the best part; Marley and Maddox are sweet, loving dogs. They are perfect and will hopefully soon find their perfect home where their lives are important, and above all they are loved.

As a reminder, abandoning a pet is illegal. If found guilty a defendant can face up to a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail. Surely, there had to have been a better way to find a home for these two beautiful dogs other than leaving them tied to a fence in a park and walking away.

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