Dogs Enjoy Playing In The Pool And Chasing Each Other’s Tails At New Pet Resort

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a dog, you know that the phrase “man’s best friend” is an understatement. Nothing compares to the love you get from a furry friend, and dogs have a special way of making everything better. It’s like dogs have this inane ability to know what’s going on with their humans, and they’re always available to give hugs and kisses to a person in need. For that reason, there’s nothing better than seeing your dog happy and enjoying life.

Well, Happy Tails Pet Resort in Norfolk, VA, is all about giving dogs the perfect place to rest and relax while you’re off enjoying a vacation. Fully loaded with top-of-the-line activities, there’s one area that all of the dogs seem to love the most: the pool. It’s no secret that dogs love to swim, and at Happy Tails, they can paddle around without having to worry about any annoying people getting in their way.

Some may think it’s ridiculous for dogs to have their own resort, but let’s be real. Dogs may not spend their days in busy offices, but as we all know, dealing with people can be a full-time job. For that reason alone, they deserve vacations just as much as we do.

Watch the video below to see these cute little dogs enjoying their time at the pool, and please SHARE this post with your favorite dog lovers!

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