Dog’s Favorite Song Comes On And Mom Decided To Join-In For A Duet Performance

Lola and Annie are as close as mom and dog could be. They like to do everything together: go to the park and play, lounge around and cuddle, and go on road trips. Their favorite part of those road trips is the entertainment! Lola and Annie are the stars of the show!

Lola is really into the release of belting out the music to her favorite song. And the best part is: Lola prefers to do it with the one person she cherishes the most… Her mom! Together, they make the perfect karaoke duo. And while Lola’s “lyrics” may be different from Annie’s, they’re still amazing together. In fact, I think they could take this show on the road and perform for audiences everywhere. They already have the perfect practice spot, the open road and one another.

I wonder if these two are for hire? Can you imagine having them perform at your next party? It would be EPIC!

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