Dogs Who Forgot They’re Too Big To Be Lap Dogs

Here are 14 dogs who have no idea how big they are and just want to cuddle the day away. Just because they’re big doesn’t mean they don’t need to be babied anymore! Right? 😉

1 “Oh c’mon, I’m not THAT much bigger now!”

2 “I think we need a bigger couch…”

3 “Hold me.”

4 “Sure. I’ll share my bed with you, human.”

5 “My favorite seat in the house!”

6 “Sorry, thought I saw something on the floor.”

7 “I hope you can see the TV, because I don’t plan on moving for a while.”

8 “Is that thunder I hear??”

9 “No one’s too big for a bonding moment!”

10 “I’ll just nap here with you.”

11 “I had another bad dream…”

12 “I keep my human nice and warm.”

13 “Sometimes you just need a hug.”

14 “We protect each other!”

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